About Born Rotary

Born Rotary is a dream. You are not awake. Nothing you do prevails. Born Rotary is a phone call you receive from a blocked number that you decide to answer. Born Rotary exists because you picked up. This is entirely your fault. Born Rotary dubsteps on your heart. Born Rotary breaks rules to create conventions. Born Rotary fucks: given & received. Born Rotary may or may not be a circle jerk. Born Rotary is the table-based layout of sketch comedy. Born Rotary brings seven bits to the party, expects you to provide ice and the 8th bit. Born Rotary drinks five beers at lunch on Fridays. Born Rotary churns concrete with reckless abandon. Born Rotary stole and froze your embryos. Born Rotary dyed its hair purple for its senior portrait. Born Rotary shops local with extreme prejudice. Born Rotary slams genitals together with whomever consents to getting genitals slammed together with Born Rotary. Born Rotary maims without proper instruction. Born Rotary hearts you. Sorry, correction, dispossesses you of your heart. Born Rotary self-collaborates self-congratulates self-immolates. Born Rotary kerns your ligatures. Born Rotary pours heavy at the tasting. Born Rotary is kinda into your mother’s old lady stache. Born Rotary is not more important than these: safety glasses. Born Rotary is speedo optional. Born Rotary shakes your cocktail, hard or soft, appropriate to the contemporary milieu. Born Rotary remembers your parents’ anniversary. Born Rotary voted libertarian just once, and never again. Born Rotary makes a mean frozen Jack & Coke. No foolin’. Born Rotary drinks because it has to, not because it has to. Born Rotary recreates the performance art of Nam June Paik, but with Cheerios®. Born Rotary assists topless sunbathers with their umbrellas. Born Rotary cures meats, and ill-humors. Born Rotary biceps. Born Rotary sie auf einem Bauernhof in Westphalen. Born Rotary has a menu that changes daily, ask your server for details. Born Rotary is present— not Jamison Webb present, but around. Born Rotary is not recommended listening for lactating dogs.

Created by

Rory Barton

Rory is, as far as he can tell. That's it. He exists, or so we think.

Jon Monteverde

In addition to his audio guru-ship at Born Rotary, Jon Monteverde is active in honey bunches of music-y, sound-y things around Chicago, including playing in XYZR_KX, Volutes, and Feature Flick; writing and playing in musicals at the Annoyance Theatre; and doing original music and sound design for commercials, documentaries, and Web stuff. Keep tabs on him at www.jonmonteverde.com and on Twitter @jonmonteverde.


Dave Karasik

Dave is originally from Denver, CO. Yes, he knows it's legal. No, he can't bring any back. You can see him perform regularly at iO with The Ruckus, at ComedySportz with Caliber, and with his independent team, Switch Committee. Sometimes he tweets - @therealdavek.